Dr. Alice Hucker is currently on maternity leave and this site is under construction.

Availability: Currently unable to take new referrals – on maternity leave.

Referral options:

Australian Professional Association for Trans Health – https://auspath.org.au/providers/

Society of Australian Sexologists – https://societyaustraliansexologists.org.au/

Australian Psychological Society – https://psychology.org.au/find-a-psychologist

Australian Association of Psychologists Inc – https://www.aapi.org.au/FindaPsychologist

Phone: 0426 371 897 – Messages will be checked irregularly during maternity leave. Unfortunately not all messages will be responded to upon return to work. Previous client’s messages will be prioritised.

Email: alice@dralicehucker.com.au

Fax: 03 8595 5102